145255 - "Diskator 9'10"" 3m Rear Carriage rigid frame"
Manufacturer: Quivogne
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 Designed especially to perform high-speed shallow stubble cultivation, the Diskator is particularly efficient at high speed. It ensures that you have the optimum output cost effectively, it enables the decomposition of organic matter, soil erosion is reduced.

  • Working Width Ft (M)                                              10Ft(3M)
  • Power requirement HP                                           90-120
  • Number of Discs                                                         24
  • Disc Diameter inch                                                    22''
  • Disc spacing inch                                                        9''
  • Disc crossing inch                                                       5''
  • Working depth inch                                                  1''to 6''
  • Type of Roller                                                              Z  19.6''
  • Transport Length Ft                                                   21ft
  • Transport Width Ft                                                    8.5ft
  • Transport height Ft                                                   5.5ft
  • Weight Lbs                                                                    5539 Lbs