360080 - H.D. 7.5-ft. snow blade for skid steer loaders. 5 degree lateral oscillation. Manual angle adj. Standard. 27" high moldboard.
Manufacturer: Worksaver
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Designed for 30-80 hp Skid Steers. All snow blades have trip springs for controlled break over in snow, or lock for light grading of loose dirt or gravel. All have 3/8" x 6" reversible hard steel cutting edges and height adjustable skid shoes (6" x 1/2" thick) that rotate for long wear. Manual angle adjstment is standard on 5-ft., 6-ft., and 7.5-ft. models (optional hydraulic. angle kits available.). 9-ft blades have hyddraulic angle adjustment and cross-over relief valve as standard equipment. 7.5 and 9-ft. models ave 5 deg lateral oscilation feature as standard equipment.

  • Ideal for residential or commercial snow removal. Use on driveways, parking lots, or other large areas
  • 7.5-ft. & 9-ft. models feature 5° lateral oscillation to allow blade to follow ground contours.
  • Two trip springs for controlled break over in snow.
  • Clamp-on blade for compact tractors.
  • Reinforced 21" or 27" high 10-guage moldboards provide long service life.
  • 3/8" x 6" cutting edge of 1044 steel.
  • Blade locks for grading loose dirt or gravel.
  • Step-through design allows for easy access to skid steer seat.
  • Quick hook up on skid steers or front loaders equipped with "Universal" mounting plate.
  • Blade angles right or left.
  • Adjustable skid shoes are ½" thick and rotate for long life.