BC10 - 10 Bale Cart Quick Pick
Manufacturer: Haukaas
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Built For Speed

The sooner you get the bales off your field, the better your next cut will be. We all know this, but it is often difficult to find the time during haying season.  The Quick Pick was designed for speed. It is not uncommon for 1 person with 1 tractor and 1 Quick Pick to move 1,000 bales a day. With a little practice, the pickling sequence is non-stop. Only takes a few seconds to unload or reload.

Reloading and unloading is so fast, many farmers use the Quick Pick to gather their bales into “roadside rows  to be moved to the hay yard when the time allows. While one may think a tractor is slower than a truck on the road, you won't be wasting any time reloading - strapping down and unloading with Quick Pick.

Maintian Bale Quality

Quick Pick unloads bales to the same position they were in the field – flat side down. The bales maintain there natural water shedding shape, and with the  flat side down, the bale won't be absorbing as much water as let does with the flat side up.

Spacing between stored rows of bales less also important. Improved air movement keeps bales in better shape, rodent, raccoon and skunk problems are virtually eliminated and let less easier to retrieve bales for feeding. Even with the space between the rows, you can still store 240 bales ln a 100 x 150' area (360 with fill in rows). With Quick Pluck you'll also notice fresher bale ends.

  • Min HP required           100 tractor hp (75kw)
  • Hydraulic outlets          2
  • Hydraulic pressure       MIn. of 2300 psi required for 10 -1,650 lb. bales
  • Capacity                     48  - 72  dla. bales 10 - 60  long or 12 - 48  long 25,000 lb. GVW
  • Tires                           4 - 13.5 x 15 FI 12 ply, 8 bolt wheels
  • Transport width            12' 2"
  • Overall length               33'6
  • Shipping weight           8,500 lbs.