002581 - GW SIEVE-MASSEY 9790 33ST-4P
Manufacturer: HCC
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Lighter Weight - Better Performance

The patented design of the Gateway combine sieve and combine chaffer system utilizes aluminum and plastic modular construction to provide optimized combine performance and improved grain cleaning. The construction of the Gateway makes it significantly lighter than standard combine sieves and combine chaffers, reducing the wear on cleaning shoe bushings and bearings, extending their life, and reducing combine downtime.

The plastic slats also provide added lubricity for improved crop flow and prevent crop buildup, particularly in near-freezing temperatures when all-steel combine sieves and combine chaffers are prone to reduced crop flow. Unlike conventional combine sieves and combine chaffers that are nearly impossible to repair, the modular design of the Gateway makes on-farm repairs easy and economical.

  • Narrow Spacing (33mm): Used for small grains: wheat, alfalfa, and cereal grains; 33ST top 33ST bottom.
  • Wide Spacing (45mm): Used for large crops: corn and soybeans; provides faster operation through high-yielding crop; 45LT top 33ST bottom.

Benefits & Features

  • Better combine performance
  • Improved grain cleaning
  • Clean heavy and lighter crops
  • Easy on-farm repairs
  • Lighter weight for reduced wear, longer life, and reduced downtime
  • Added lubricity of plastic slats improve crop flow, particularly in near-freezing temperatures
  • Adjustable slats for maximum cleaning performance and capacity