PRO17-2013 - (802.355) RED OVER HEAD 17WHL RAKE
Manufacturer: SITREX
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The Sitrex Pro17 is a new take on the age-old V-Rake design.  It is an “overhead” V-Rake for ultra high capacity intended for the harsh environments and heaviest product types (to include corn stover & milo) found here in the Central Midwest. In luei of the typical tined wheel types, the sitrex Pro17 utilizes a “paired” rubber type tine which helps lift hay in varying ground conditions and is extrememly easy to replace when maintenance is required.

Hydraulic rake functions are controlled via In-Cab (tractor or truck) remote.  The design is hilighted by sturdy, dual overhead frame construction which allows windrow width adjustment on the fly.  Right and left rake sections are platform-supported on either side of the machine for years of service to come and the individual rake arm stops are adjustable to allow additional wheel “float” in more demanding field conditions.


  • Minimum Power Required 55 hp
  • Number of Finger Wheels 17
  • Number of Teeth per Wheel 36
  • 60" diameter ground-driven rake wheel
  • Transport Width 12' 3''
  • Tire Size 10.0/75-15.3
  • Weight 6200 lbs
  • Working Width 29’
  • Maximum finished windrow width 72”

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