031561 - PKG-REEL ATT CNH 3020 7.5-9.0M
Manufacturer: HCC
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HCC Reels excel in moving crops into the combine. New design concepts effectively divide, lift, and feed standing or down crops, including soybeans, canola, wheat, lentils, irrigated crops, rice, and milo. 

Dependability and lower maintenance result from fewer parts and tough polymer tines made with exclusive material. HCC Reel users enjoy advantages such as 35-40% improved visibility, up to 25% less weight to decrease load on harvesting equipment, and superior bat strength versus sheet metal or aluminum. The HCC Reel provides lower cost, more effective crop movement, and less down time for combine and swather customers world-wide.

The Reel Attaching Package consists of mounting brackets, drive shafts, end shields, reel arms for mounting bat tubes to the center tube, reel arm bearings, and all the hardware for assembly.

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