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Harvest more crop in less time. The OrbitTM Trac II Reel closes the gap between the reel and the auger to provide more control of crop entry into the header. By creating a continuous crop flow, the OrbitTM Trac II Reel provides the best overall performance, especially harvesting tough crops.

The OrbitTM Trac II Reel is tailored to today’s high-performance headers. Crop flow is positive. Build-up and slugging are reduced. The old-fashioned reel design has been replaced with a double-track system. The unique shape allows reel tines to swing directly past the auger. This pushes crop directly into the auger instead of dropping onto the header floor where it creates build-up. No more heavy build-up and no more slowing down to handle tough crops.

Installation is easy and can be done on equipment you already own. Designed as a retro-fit for all HCC tube-type reels built since 1990. ML 4-1/2” tine spacings or Level II 6” tine spacings are designed to work with the Orbit Kit. You can install it yourself in just a few hours, using the C-1096 Installation Instruction Manual.

  • Positively places crop into auger
  • Reduces or eliminates slugging
  • Resists wrapping in green crop
  • On-farm installation in a few hours

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