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Brown Tree Saws are designed to be rugged machines that can handle selective clearing of wood lots, fence rows, food plots and ATV/ bike trails. The heavy construction is tough enough to cut heavy brush and trees up to eight inches in diameter. The balanced blade also keeps vibration to a minimum.

All models have an electric over hydraulic rotating head for trimming limbs and sizing logs for easy removal. Standard three button wiring harness is included to remotely operate the rotating head and herbicide sprayer from the operator’s station. 8 pin and 14 pin connectors are also available to hook up to your skid steer’s internal controls. Mining grade saw blade tips are used to allow below ground cutting when desired. Our saw blades are designed with a “through bolt” with nylon lock nut for the carbide blade tips for safety and ease of maintenance. The saw blade is designed with a limiting crown to keep the blade from binding when cutting large diameter material.

The HTS-3020 is designed with industry standard gear motors.

General Specifications

  • Height of Cut: Below ground level
  • Construction: all welded steel
  • 5 Gallon Herbicide Sprayer/ Tank: Adjustable tip spray nozzle
  • Hardened Steel Blade: 30” with 10 replaceable carbide teeth
  • Weight: 1020lbs. 

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