008026SA - Baby Side-Arm Ditcher
Manufacturer: Hurricane
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The \"Baby Side-Arm\" was designed to clean and maintain roadside ditches and other drainage ditches that cannot be safely straddled with other ditching equipment.  It\'s 26\" 5-paddle impeller (digging wheel) is ruggedly designed to operate in ditches containing sod, water, roots and other debris without damage to the machine.  It contains a shear bolt to protect the ditcher and tractor should an immovable object be struck.

The counterweight can be positioned manually for a narrower transport width.  The optional tail wheels (crazy wheels) help support the weight of the machine and add stability while operating the machine.

The Baby Side-Arm is Cat II or III quick hitch adaptable.  With optional tail wheel assembly, the top link is designed to telescope allowing the machine to float, instead of being hooked rigid, while being operated on rough terrain.

The 26\" 5-paddle impeller (digging wheel) contains 5 hard-surfaced paddles that are designed to be resurfaced as they wear.

The Baby Side-Arm can be operated at a distance of 5 feet to 10 feet from the center of the tractor and at a depth of up to 5 feet.

Operating the Baby Side-Arm with a 100 HP tractor, 1 mile of ditch can be cleaned every hour, removing 7 to 8 inches of soil from the bottom.

Options for the Baby Side-Arm:  hydraulic deflector (allows control of soil throw from inside the tractor cab); deflector extension (allows soil to be bermed or piled close to the ditch rather than thrown); tail wheel (crazy wheel) assembly; 540 RPM PTO.

  • 55 series PTO with shear bolts which overload at the tractor end 
  • 5/16\" material with double 80 roller chain, oil bath, external idler tension adjustment
  • 26\" diameter with 5 paddles
  • Cat II or III quick hitch adaptable; telescoping top link
  • Approximately 4,300 lbs. without optional tail wheel assembly; approximately 5,000 lbs. with optional tail wheel assembly
  • 90 HP to 150 HP

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