008020SW - Swinger Ditcher Model 3PT20SW
Manufacturer: Hurricane
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The \"SWINGER\" is a 3-Point hitch mounted machine designed to be used as an offset ditcher.  It can be operated behind either tractor tire or any position in between.  Like all Hurricane 3-Point models, the SWINGER is equipped with parking stands for easy hook-up and disconnection. It can be used with Cat II or III hitch by moving the bushings to the desired location.

An 8\" stroke cylinder and a 50-degree constant velocity (CV) joint allow the ditcher\'s \"swinging\" action.

The SWINGER has a standard 20\" 6-paddle impeller (digging wheel) with hard-surfaced paddles that are designed to be resurfaced as they wear.  For smaller applications, an optional 15\" 5-paddle impeller is available.

The rear shoe (dragplate) gives the machine stability, helps prevent gouging, and helps form the ditch in loose or wet conditions.  A heavy-duty ratchet jack is standard for adjustment of the dragplate.

The gearbox components are easily accessible by removing the top or side cover plates.  The gearbox consists of large shafts, heavy-duty sprockets and bearings, and double 80 roller chain; all enclosed and running in an oil bath.  The external idler adjustment is used to maintain proper chain tension.

Soil is thrown out the left side of the ditcher and may be distributed over a 50 foot area; rocks and other debris may go farther.

Depth of cut:  up to 10 inches in a single pass; up to 20 inches in multiple passes with standard 20\" 6-paddle impeller; up to 16 inches in multiple passes with optional 15\" 5-paddle impeller.

Options for the SWINGER:  15\" 5-paddle impeller; 540 RPM PTO.

  • 55 series PTO with shear bolts which overload at the tractor end
  • 5/16\" material with double 80 roller chain, oil bath, external idler tension adjustment
  • 20\" diameter  with 6 paddles; optional 15\" diameter with 5 paddles
  • Cat II or III quick hitch adaptable
  • Approximately 1,300 lbs.
  • Approximately 1,300 lbs.

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